Postal Chain Sharpening Service

Our fully-equipped workshop allows us to provide a same-day-turnaround, in-house, chain sharpening service. Our trained mechanics inspect the chains for defects before machine-sharpening them, in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations. The depth gauges are then checked and adjusted before the chain is sent back the same day via Royal Mail (subject to payment being made).

Our sharpening service costs £12.75 + VAT (£15.30 inc VAT) per chain for chains up to and including 74 drive links in size and £14.75 + VAT (£17.70 inc VAT) per chain for any chains 75 drive links or larger. This price also includes the cost of return postage. We will return chains via Royal Mail, but can accept no responsibility for loss or damage during transit (either to or from our workshop). We will contact you to pay by credit/debit card over the phone, and will return the chain as soon as payment has been made. If we are unable to contact you for payment, it will delay the return of your chain, so please make sure your contact details are correct.

Please note: we do not sharpen carbide or TCT chains.

To send a chain to us for sharpening, please fill out the form below, print it and send it with your chain to us at:
F R Jones and Son Ltd, Unit B4 Trade City, Bell Green Retail Park, Lower Sydenham, London, SE26 4PR.

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  • Defective chains will not be sharpened, but may incur a postage fee if required to be returned.
  • F R Jones and Son are not liable for any loss or damage of chain(s) whilst in transit, to or from their workshop.
  • F R Jones and Son will dispatch sharpened chains for return the same day as they are received, providing full payment has been made. If we are unable to contact you for payment, the return of your chain will be delayed.

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