LOLER Inspections

What is LOLER testing?

The Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER) are a legal requirement for thorough examination of Arboricultural equipment, carried out by a qualified inspector. LOLER is designed to make sure that all Lifting Operations are properly planned, appropriately supervised and carried out in a safe manner.

How often do LOLER tests need to be done?

LOLER tests should be carried out every 6 months on climbing equipment and every 12 months on rigging equipment, or if there have been any “exceptional circumstances” which may have compromised the safety of the equipment.

As well as regular examinations carried out by qualified inspectors, Arborists should be trained to carry out a daily pre-use check of their lifting equipment and a written weekly record of inspection should be kept.

What is a LOLER certificate?

A LOLER certificate is a written report that is completed with each thorough inspection. This report should contain:

  • The examination date
  • The date when the next thorough inspection is due
  • The details of each item
  • Any defects or safety issues found with any of the items
  • Whether each item is safe for use or not

FR Jones & Son LOLER Inspections

We have 3 fully-qualified LOLER inspectors on staff who can undertake LOLER inspections for all arboricultural climbing or rigging equipment.

This service is available locally or, as with our machine service, we can arrange to have your kit collected and returned to you via courier, for a nominal surcharge.

Our inspectors can inspect your climbing or rigging kit from as little as £60 (+VAT)!

A basic climbing or rigging kit will be inspected for £60 (+VAT), including 1 full-length rope and 1 harness per kit. Additional ropes and harnesses will be charged at £8 each.

If you are unable to bring your kit in to us, we can arrange to have it collected and returned to you via courier for a nominal fee of £15 +VAT (per kit).
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LOLER inspector certificatesLOLER inspector certificates

LOLER Pricing

Basic inspection charges Price Code
Basic climbing kit inspection (up to 15 items including 1 rope & 1
Basic rigging kit inspection (up to 12 items including 1 rope) £60 + VAT LOLERRIGGING
Re-LOLER of failed items £20 + VAT LOLERRELOLER
Additional charges Price Code
Additional climbing/rigging rope (any more than 1 per kit) £8 + VAT (per rope) LOLERADDROPE
Additional climbing harness (any more than 1 per kit) £8 + VAT (per harness) LOLERADDHARNESS
Other additional item (anything over the specified kit limit
£3 + VAT (per item) LOLERADDITEM
Marking serial numbers on products (if the serial number is
£2 + VAT (per item) LOLERSERIAL
Karabiner service (clean / graphite powder) (only if
£2 + VAT (per karabiner) LOLERKRAB
Untidy/attached kit and dirty kit/bag (kits containing debris, dirt, and non LOLER items, or kits that are not disconnected will be subject to a surcharge) £10 + VAT LOLERUNCLEAN

Terms and Conditions

Please read the following terms and conditions when dropping/sending your kit to us for LOLER inspection.

Clean/Dry Kit
Please ensure the kit and bag you are dropping off is clean and debris-free (without tree clumps and dry!).
Unattached kit
Please take all equipment apart, undo all knots, etc…
LOLER Items Only
Please ensure you only include LOLER items in your kit bag i.e. no wedges, spikes, saws, throwlines etc (this also includes gloves, pants, socks..!)

You are very welcome to spend however long you need in our store to prepare your kit, but please be aware that a £10 + VAT surcharge will be applied if these conditions are not met.

Items failing that can be repaired and re-tested

It is possible that some items may fail inspection due to faulty/unsafe consumable parts or due to needing a service/repair

Examples of this are:

  • Harness failing due to delaminated bridge
  • Rope grab failing due to the safety wire missing or worn
  • Karabiners failing due to needing a service / lubrication

If this happens, the product will fail on this inspection.
If you then correct / repair the item you can then bring the item back for a second inspection and a new certificate for the repaired items
Therefore we offer the Re-LOLER of failed items at £20 + VAT

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