Collection and delivery service

We are able to offer a collection and delivery service from anywhere in the UK on small (hand-held) machines and locally on larger (walk-behind) machines.

For small hand-held machines, we will collect from you ourselves if you are within our collection area; if not, we can have it collected, repaired and returned to you via courier service – all you need to do is drain the fuel and box it for collection.

We believe this is a unique service, but because we ship our products nationwide we feel that this is something we should offer to those customers of ours who happen to live outside our local area.

If you would like to take advantage of this facility, please use the booking in form to submit your details and one of our service team will be in touch to make the arrangements to have your machine(s) collected.

Cost of courier pick up and delivery back: £15.00 +VATBook a machine in for service »