Send voucher to gift recipient

[frj_customer_reassign_voucher]If you have purchased a gift voucher from us, you should have received it as a PDF attachment to the email address used to place the order. You can, of course, simply forward that email to your intended recipient, but the voucher will remain assigned to your email address for the purposes of spend reporting and re-sending.If you would like to re-assign the voucher you have purchased to your intended recipient’s email address and email it to them with an optional gift message and themed email, please enter details below:

Please note

  • FR Jones and Son Ltd takes no responsibility for incorrect details being entered at this stage
  • Please double-check the email address you choose to re-assign the voucher to. Vouchers should be treated as cash, if you send this voucher to the wrong recipient, they will be able to spend it with no refund available to you.
  • Once the voucher is reassigned, this link will no longer be available.