Sugihara 1/4″ .043 Lightweight Pro R7 chainsaw bar bar Stihl mount

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Carving bars come in a range of shapes, sizes and colours. The new red label Sugihara carving bars are thicker and stronger than their lightweight counterparts (but of course also heavier).

Sugihara mounts tend to be either BN6A (stronger tough carver) – which is a multi mount that will fit on any small chainsaws under 60cc or dedicated Stihl mount which starts SL2. BN6C is a multi mount carving bar but the light type rather than solid.

Cannon mounts all tend to be multi mount C1 for the smaller length bars – after this Stihl only are S1 and Husky only are H1.

R7 tips 7mm radius

The smallest nosed bars are known as R7 tips (the tip radius of these is 7mm). They are for the most delicate detail work and only run the smallest of chains Stihl 3670-71PM3. Only use these on small low powered saws.

Dime tips 9-10mm radius

Next size up is the Dime tips – these typically have a radius of 9mm and only run 1/4 .050 chain. This really only gives you x2 options with the Oregon 25F full feature chain (continuous cutters for a more planing style action) or Stihl 3661-13RMS which has smaller cutters to give a more frictionless action on the nose.

Quarter tips 12-13mm radius

Then there are the Quarter tip bars. These are radius 12.5mm and you can run either 3/8 lo pro .050 OR 1/4 .050. The tip is large enough for the longer 3/8 lo pro chain to travel around but some carvers like the finer action and feel of 1/4 .050 chain. Our selector will pull in the correct 3/8 lo pro chains for you but for the 1/4 chain options you’ll have to go to the custom chain selector here and put in your drive link count

Toonie tips 18-22mm radius

Finally you then have the Toonie tips – these are much larger at 20mm radius and are only currently available in 18? lengths on a Light Type Sugihara. These give longer reach and may be run with either 3/8 lo pro or .325 .050. Same as for the Q tip bars the selector will pull in the correct .325 .050 chain but if you want a 3/8 .050 lo pro you’ll have to buy off the custom chain selector.

Fits the following chainsaws:

009, 010, 011, 012, 017, MS170, MS171, 018, MS180, MS181, 019, MS190, MS191, MS192, MS193, 020, MS200, MS201, 021, 022, MS210, MS211, 019T, MS190T, MS191T, MS192T, MS193T, 020T, MS200T, MS201T, HT70, HT75, HT100, HT101, HT130, HT131 [MUST have 1/4 drive sprocket fitted]

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Chainsaw Bar Length

10 inch bar