Stihl PM3 Picco Micro 1/4″ .043 semi chisel chainsaw chain

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Exclusive to Stihl: This saw chain was specially designed for light, compact chainsaws and ensures less kickback and lower vibration levels. It combines exceptional cutting performance and quality with great user comfort. The 1/4″ Picco chain features a flat and narrow design as well as the small chain pitch.

Brand Stihl
Type Picco Micro 3
Pitch 1/4″
Gauge .043″
No. of Drivelinks See Variations

Product specification


Chain loop length

28 drive link chain loop, 56 drive link chain loop, 57 drive link chain loop, 64 drive link chain loop, 65 drive link chain loop, 72 drive link chain loop

Chain Pitch


Chain Type

Picco Micro 3

Chain Gauge