Stihl HSA 94 R battery hedgecutter (30″ cut)

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The Stihl HSA 94 R is an extremely high-performance and robust professional cordless hedge trimmer with low blade speed for powerful cuts. A constant stroke rate even under load, rotating multi-function handle with three-setting stroke rate, double-sided cutting blade in the pruning version, and screw-on cut and tip protector.

To run the HSA 94 R with an AP battery the following accessories need to be used; a battery belt with AP holster plus connecting cable, or, AR carrying backpack system.

Battery System:

  • AP System
  • AR Backpack System

Double sided cutting blades
Stihl hedge trimmers with double-sided cutting blades cut both vertically and horizontally.

Stihl EC engine
Alongside their impressive performance, the professional hedge trimmers in the Pro cordless power system have an EC engine with automatic rotation direction switching. This makes it possible to release the cutter when necessary.

Screw-on tip protector
Protects the tip of the hedge trimmer blade from wear, and makes it easier to cut close to walls and the ground.

Screw-on cut protection
Reduces risk of injury to the user and guarantees easy replacement when worn.

Loop handle with inner switch
Comfortable to hold and saves energy during operation, particularly when working for extended periods.

Rotating multi-function handle
Whether for side or top cutting, professional hedge trimmers are always comfortable and balanced in operation. It’s very easy to put the rotating multi-function handle into the optimum position for the task at hand.

Cutting variation (R)
The R variations of the Stihl HS 82 and Stihl HS 87 are designed specifically for large volume cutting. They feature a cutting blade with wide tooth spacing and longer tooth height. The gearing allows a high cutting power at a medium stroke rate. The R variations provide the possibility of cutting thicker branches and completing clearing work faster.

Double-sided cutting blade
The cutting blade is sharpened on both sides. The sophisticated blade geometry makes for a job well done.

Adjustable blade stroke
The blade stroke is 3-setting adjustable. This provides the ideal blade speed for any task. The blade stroke is adjusted using the control cockpit on the rotary handle. The control cockpit rotates with the handle, so that the button is always within easy reach regardless of the selected rotary handle setting.

Product specification

Vibration Levels

3.6 / 2.8 m/s² (left / right)


2 Years


Kit (with battery & charger), Shell only (no battery & charger)

Blade Length

30" / 75cm

Run Time with AP 300 battery

Between 105 – 135 mins (depending on level setting)

Blade Type

Double Sided

Blade Stroke Rate

2800 / 3000 / 3200 (Level 1 / Level 2 / Level 3)

Tooth Gap


Power type


Weight (Excluding battery)


Noise Levels



Run Time with AP 300 S battery

Between 130 – 167 mins (depending on level setting)

Run Time with AR 3000 L battery

Between 800 – 985 mins (depending on level setting)

Run Time with AR 2000 L battery

Between 565 – 690 mins (depending on level setting)

Run Time with AP 500 S battery

Between 155 – 200 mins (depending on level setting)

Run Time with AP 200 battery

Between 84 – 108 mins (depending on level setting)

Run Time with AP 100 battery

Between 42 – 54 mins (depending on level setting)