Stein 25kn Luke 3 way aluminium karabiner (blue)

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The super safe ISC KH411 Luke Oval karabiner (sometimes spelt carabiner) weighs 85 grams and is rated with an impressive breaking strength of 25Kn. Its shape works well with both standard and advanced hitch systems especially when climbing with a hitch advancing pulley. The rounded basket and crotch balance the load centrally through the body of the karabiner (sometimes spelt carabiner). Additional care should be taken to avoid side loading good for use on climbing lines up to 13mm.
The drop forged body is manufactured from high quality aluminium. An anodised coating is added to the smooth rumbled body before each karabiner (sometimes spelt carabiner) is finished with an individual identification number all ISC karabiners (sometimes spelt carabiner) are proof checked before dispatch. The ISC innovative blind nose design helps minimise the risk of any snagging or plucking damage to your climbing line.
The patented ISC triple lock gates utilise stainless steel springs to ensure a long life under extreme conditions and are almost impossible to open accidentally, yet once mastered they can easily installed with just one hand. Square corners surrounding the locking pin area deploy built-up debris.
As part of your climbing system any karabiners (sometimes spelt carabiner) should be visually and manually inspected before use and after any significant incident e.g. a fall, to ensure they work as intended. Any maintenance including cleaning should follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. If you are in any way concerned about the condition or action of the karabiner (sometimes spelt carabiner) you should retire it from use immediately.

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