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Skarper C90 PRO wood chipper (up to 90mm diameter)


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Product description

This amazing chipper will easily handle branches up to 90mm or 3 ½ inches diameter and process wood so quickly you have to see it to believe it.  Anything that’s too big to go through a Skarper C90 Pro is basically good firewood, these machines can seriously change your life at work.

One of the safest and fastest compact chippers on the market, the Skarper C90 Pro is an ultra-reliable hard-working tool that will change the way your business works. Manufactured in Europe with care and precision, Skarper’s dedication to quality and innovation has made their chippers the first choice for serious professionals.

Cyclone Airflow System®

The unique design of our drum and rotor system has been systematically engineered for maximum efficiency and smooth chip exhaust without any choking or blockages. This coupled with our Active Torque Drive® enables the C90 Pro to process more branches in less time than most of its competitors. The efficient design of the Skarper gives levels of performance with a 13 hp engine which some chippers need much larger engines to match saving you a fortune in fuel costs over time.

Active Torque Drive®

Our Active Torque Drive gives the C90 Pro perfectly matched and balanced performance, even when chipping larger branches. This significantly increases both the chipping speed and efficiency of the machine.

Compact and manageable

With small transport dimensions, perfect balance and excellent manoeuvrability, the Skarper C90 Pro gets right to the work site. It is effortless to push, even over distances of several hundred meters. The compact design allows your Skarper chipper to fit through a standard garden gate.

Skarper sabre blades

We use the best quality european tempered steel with a tried and tested combination of hardness and stiffness tuned by years of experience. This assures a long lasting cutting edge on all our blades. They are double edged so can be rotated and used twice before they need re-sharpening.

Solid construction

We always ensure that all our chippers are made from high quality european steel. The chassis is made from solid 6 mm metal plate which will not bend and gives excellent stability, longer lifespan and higher performance.

Easy maintenance

Replacing or turning the chipping knives is very simple and normally takes around 15 minutes. We want our customers to be as independent as possible so we make our chippers both reliable and easy to work on. You don’t need to be a mechanic to service your Skarper . If you don’t feel comfortable doing your own servicing, any garage or mower repair shop can easily service your C90 PRO in no time at all.

Made in Europe – CE approved

Designed with your safety in mind. Manufactured, tested and approved in Europe to the highest possible standards.

High quality components

We make sure that Skarpers are built using the best quality components from world leading manufacturers like Honda, SKF, Optibelt and Schneider Electric. This ensures that all our chippers are smooth running, efficient and trouble free. Just the way we like them.

Tilting flap

Adjusts the distance and spread of wood chips.

Feed hopper with large opening

The unique shape of our hopper makes feeding branches faster and easier.

Variable discharge spout 360˚

Thanks to a 360˚ variable discharge spout you do not need to think long about the working position of the chipper – simply load the branches from where they lay and turn the spout to the desired direction either into a wheelie bin or straight on to the borders.

Heavy duty drum bearings

Made in Germany. SKF makes some of the best quality bearings in the world.

Honda engine

Best in light industrial engines. Easy starting, fuel efficient, global support, exceptionally quiet, smooth performance.

Large pneumatic wheels

Suitable for off road use.


Because your safety is of paramount importance to us, our chippers are tested to the highest possible safety standards. Thanks to a nice long feed hopper it’s impossible to get near the blades. The Emergency stop button is situated within easy reach and a thick rubber curtain is placed inside the hopper for extra protection.

Strapping points

Secure your Skarper quickly and easily in your van or trailer.

Foldable handlebar

Decreases transport and storage dimensions.

Brand Skarper
Engine Manufacturer Honda
Engine Model GX390
Engine Capacity 390 cc
Engine Power Output 9.5 kW
Fuel Type 4 Stroke Unleaded Petrol
Starting System Recoil
Max Branch Thickness 9 cm
Noise Levels TBC
Dimensions 20.38 x 70.8 x 15.5 cm
Weight 200 kg
 Warranty 2 Years

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