Simarghu Arborist personal trauma kit

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  • 1 x Celox Rapid Haemostatic Z-Fold Gauze.

• The Z-fold gauze comes in 5ft lengthsand is as effective as other 12ft length products in filling a bleeding space.
• Celox Gauze Z-fold is as effective a haemostat as existing rolled gauze.
• The shorter length is easier to handle and reduces application time.
The fastest acting haemostatic gauze, saving over two minutes treatment time compared to others.

  • Works with just 60 seconds cmpression
  • Stops life-threatening bleeding – fast
  • Rapid action reduces blood loss
  • Stops hypothermic bleeding as found in severe traumatic injuries.
  • As used by milatery forces across the world.


  • 1 x Hemorrhage Control Bandage
  • Innovative Combat & EMS (Emergency Medical Services) proven direct pressure bandage
  • Trauma bandage & secondary dressing all in one
  • Quick, easy and effective application; and self-application, even one-handed
  • 1 x CAT Combat Application Tournique
  • Since its combat introduction by the U.S. Army in 2005, the Combat ApplicationTourniquet® – a true one-handed tourniquet – has decreased the mortality rate due to extreme exsanguination by 85%.
  • The U.S. Army Institute of Research deemed it to be 100% effective. Now, C•A•T Resources has developed the all-new C•A•T® GEN7.
  • Following extensive field reviews, the C•A•T® GEN7 has been completely re-designed, making it the most effective Combat Application Tourniquet® to date.
  • The new GEN7 is simpler to use thanks to a single application protocol, single buckle routing system and further improvements to its components and construction.

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