Portable Winch transport case for PCW3000

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5 day(s) lead time
5 day(s) lead time
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*Winch and sling not included*
Fits on Backpack PCA-0104 !
This transport case with moulded parts is specially designed for the PCW3000 winch.
Transport and store your winch safely in this resistant and sturdy box made of high-performance plastic!
Its moulded shape facilitates the storage of the winch. Equipped with a strap on each side, you can easily attach it to your quad, snowmobile, rowboat or other vehicle. It is also specially designed to be attached to the moulded backpack, PCA-0104, for easy transportation.
Protect your investment while on the move!
Material : High-impact plastic
Weight (metric) : 4,8 kg
Length (metric) : 47 cm
Width (metric) : 44 cm
Height (metric) : 33 cm
Additional information : Accepts only the PCW3000 model and is specially designed to be attached to the PCA-0104 moulded backpack. 

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