Portable Winch 90kN swing cheek single pulley

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Product Description

This stainless steel swing side snatch block features a lightweight 100 mm diameter deep groove aluminum sheave, with stainless steel plates that swing open to install rope.

Sintered bronze bushing on stainless steel shaft provides 98% efficiency.

It is useful to deviate the winching direction or for doubling the pulling force when the load is in place.

Use the steel locking carabiners to anchor to a polyester sling.

Ideal rope diameter: 12 mm.

Minimum Breaking Load (metric) : 90 kN (9185 kg)
Working Load Limit (metric) : N/A
Material : Sides: Stainless steel. Sheave: Aluminum

Weight (metric) : 1,24 kg
Diameter (metric) : 100 mm
Length (metric) : 27 cm
Width (metric) : 14 cm
Height (metric) : 14 cm

Minimum diameter (metric) : 6 mm
Maximum diameter (metric) : 12 mm

Additional Information : Not designed for steel cable.
Additional information : The NEWTON is the International System unit for force; it is equal to the amount of net force required to accelerate a mass of one kilogram at a rate of one meter per second squared. — The WORKING LOAD LIMIT (WLL) is the maximum load which should not be exceeded under any condition. — The MINIMUM BREAKING STRENGTH (MBS) is observed during a destructive test. You should divide it by an appropriate safety factor.

Product Specification

Brand Portable Winch
Application Rigging
Min Breaking Strength (MBS) 90kN
Rope Diameter 12mm
Cheek Action Swing
Material Aluminium & Stainless Steel
Weight 1.2kg

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