Portable Winch 90kN double swing cheek pulley

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This swing-side pulley opens to install rope and keep it from going out.
Its two 76 mm aluminum sheaves are mounted on a self-lubricating bronze bearing and provide an efficiency of 98%. The sides, the center plate and the shaft are made of stainless steel.
An excellent pulley, robust and durable. A hole at the bottom of the center plate allows to attach the end of the rope with a carabiner when needed.
Use 50kN carabiners (PCA-1702) or 70kN (PCA-1701) to attach the pulley to a polyester sling.
When using this pulley along with the single pulley PCA-1275, you can quadruple the pulling strength. With 2 of these double pulleys, 5 tons of pulling power will be generated when using the PCW3000-Li.
Ideal rope diameter : 10 mm
Minimum Breaking Load (metric) : 90 kN (9185 kg)
Working Load Limit (metric) : N/A
Material : Sides: Stainless steel. Sheaves: Aluminum
Weight (metric) : 0,82 kg
Diameter (metric) : 76 mm
Length (metric) : 18,34 cm
Width (metric) : 7,95 cm
Height (metric) : 4,88 cm
Minimum diameter (metric) : 6 mm
Maximum diameter (metric) : 10 mm
Additional Information : Not designed for steel cable.
Additional information : The NEWTON is the International System unit for force; it is equal to the amount of net force required to accelerate a mass of one kilogram at a rate of one meter per second squared. — The WORKING LOAD LIMIT (WLL) is the maximum load which should not be exceeded under any condition. — The MINIMUM BREAKING STRENGTH (MBS) is observed during a destructive test. You should divide it by an appropriate safety factor.

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