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£185.00£195.00 (20% VAT may apply)

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Protos® Integral Arborist helmet is a suitable safety helmet for all activities that involve chainsaw work at height where a mountaineer standard (EN12492) of helmet is required. The Protos® Integral Arborist is equipped with a chin strap and CrashAbsorber. In an environment that requires maximum concentration and attention, the head protection cannot cause any interference or slip out of place.
The many innovative and well designed features of Protos® Integral offer unparalleled comfort that surpasses all safety standards by a long way, providing exceptional head protection.

Maximum Safety with Total Comfort

  • Protos® Arborist is equipped with a chin strap and CrashAbsorber.
  • Protos® provides an unobstructed field of vision giving maximum all round visibility.
  • Protos® provides protection not only against vertical, but also horizontal impacts, resulting in all round protection.
  • Protos® provides a perfect and comfortable fit which is obtained by easy adjustment of the 20 different size adjustment options. Once set up, the size will remain so no need for any readjustment. Protos® is then fitted and removed from the head with ease.
  • Protos® incorporates a patented neck cradle system, which when engaged, gently hugs the nape of your neck, thereby keeping Protos® securely on your head without the need for a chin strap. The neck protection also acts as an additional safety feature as it protects the back of the head in case of falling or impact and averts the risk of skull base fracture.
  • Excellent ventilation can be achieved by opening the ventilation slider on the helmet crown. This allows an active ventilation system where air can flow around your head keeping your head cool whilst working. In cooler and rainy weather, the ventilation slider can be closed. In the case of a horizontal or vertical impact directly on the slider, the slider will detach from the shell, thereby removing the impact from the head.
  • The KlimaAir® internal absorption pads on the crown, neck and headband transport perspiration away from the head helping to keep you comfortable throughout the working day. The KlimaAir® set can be laundered at 30° to keep them fresh.
  • The wide range of colours available makes Protos® suitable for work in a huge variety of industrial situations, complementing your corporate identity.
  • The ingenious design of the Protos® inner shell provides a perfect fit on the head and in the case of exposure to a force, the energy is distributed over a large area and absorbed, taking the force away from the head.
  • Ear Protection: SNR 26dB.
  • One Size fits 54cm to 62cm.
  • For safety reasons, the Protos® shell should be replaced every 5 years (starting from the manufacturing date). This is available separately.
  • For hygiene reasons, regular washing of the main support is recommended. Replacement of these should be 2-3 years when used daily.

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Black, Black / Metallic Blue, Black / Neon Pink, Black / Red, Black / Reflective, Black / Yellow, Blue / Grey, Blue / Yellow, Green / Grey, Green / Yellow, Olive Green, Olive Green / Reflective, Olive Green / Yellow, Orange / Grey, Orange / Yellow, Red / Grey, Red / Yellow, White, White / Grey, White / Yellow

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EN 12492