Panther 42″ chainsaw mill with GB42 Lo Pro Milling Bar (42″)

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**Chainsaw not included.**
PM42 Comes with a 42″ GB Lo Pro Bar and Stihl PMX Lo Pro Ripping chain and Lo Pro drive rim. 3/8 Lo Pro .050 137 drive links.
For saws that fit see list at bottom. The 42″ lo pro bar has been pre drilled.
Designed by chainsaw millers for chainsaw millers
Re designed from the ground up – most other chainsaw mills are copied from existing designs – the Panther Mill has been re designed from scratch.
Height adjustment is tool less and fast – in fact it is the fastest compared with any other mill on the market. Simply rotate the round handle to adjust how deep the mill will cut. No need to hold a spanner in one hand while trying to adjust the mill with the other.
Attachment is the quickest of any chainsaw mill – easily bolt and unbolt your mill to your chainsaw.
Attachment to the saw is bolted not clamped – the saw can never slip in the mill.
The mill is designed to be used with special GB Lo Pro milling bars which are thinner and narrower than existing chainsaw bars for a faster, cleaner cut.
Panther Mills automatically come with a full winch set up to make milling 80% easier than pushing by hand.
There is a dedicated Panther First Cut System to ensure your first cut is table top flat. This first cut system can be extended and widened indefinitely. It is the best on the market today.
In the long term additional functionality will be built into the Panther Mill that currently does not exist anywhere else – but you’ll have to watch this space to see!

Fits direct to Stihl saws

065, MS650, MS651
064, MS640, MS641
066, MS660, MS661

Fits with an adapter to Husky saws

280, 281, 285, 288, 298
365, 365XP, 371, 372XP, 380, 385XP
390XP, 394XP, 395XP, 575XP, 576XP

Required File Size

4.0mm / 5/32″

What do you actually get for your $$

  • 2x 3614-63PMX Stihl PMX Ripping Chain 3/8 Lo Pro .050 137 drive links.
  • GBR7L7 GB Lo Pro Drive Rim
  • PW-MkIII-FK Panther Mk III Winch [FULL KIT]
  • CS-PN Complete Panther Upright Nose End [Small 30mm Profile Mills]
  • CS-PT Complete Panther Upright Thrust/Skid End [Small 30mm Profile Mills]
  • P-SBBA Panther Black Bracket Assembly [Small 30mm Profile]
  • P-CBHS Panther Cross Brace With Handle [Small 30mm Profile]
  • P-CBMT Panther Cross Brace With Tools and Magnets [Small 30mm Profile]
  • PM-SAK Panther Mill SMALL Accessories Kit
  • P-42 Panther 42″[100cm] Profiles and Control Tube
  • SNHS42-50WR 42″[107cm] GB Lo Pro Milling Bar[Single Slot] 3/8 Lo Pro .050 137 drive links

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