Oregon .325 .058 Pro-Lite chainsaw bar (20 inch bar)

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Laminated sprocket nose ProLiteĀ® bars are designed for full time professional use in pulp, firewood cutting and heavy duty farm use. Ideal for modern high speed saws.
Slim contour and low weight bar gives excellent maneuverability.
Sprocket nose is replaceable.
LUBRI-DAMĀ® oil-retaining feature prevents oil from running out of the bar’s tail, keeps more oil on the bar and chain.
Suitable for high speed saws from 35 to 65cc
Fits: Husqvarna 455,353,346,357,350,355

Brand Oregon
Type Pro-Lite
Pitch .325″
Gauge .058″
Length 20″ / 50cm
Chain Size Required 78 drive links

Product specification

Chain Pitch


Guide Bar Type


Chain Gauge



Chainsaw Bar Length

20 inch bar