Oregon .325 .058 ControlCut guide bar

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These completely re-designed Light-Weight Professional Guide Bars are lighter, stronger and longer lasting.
Designed for top performance for professional woodcutters. ControlCut ™guide bars are standard-kerf bars that feature a small radius nose for reduced kickback.

  • Nose sprocket has 10 teeth.
  • More precise cutting from a stiffer bar
  • Provides better balance on smaller saws
  • Lighter weight means less fatigue
  • Longer life from a hardier rail
  • Longer nose life and better performance with a new sprocket nose system
  • Reduced rail wear rate and more precise cutting via better chain fit up.

This bar fits: Husqvarna 550XP, 550XPG, 560XP, 560XPG, 555, 346XP, 357XP

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Chainsaw Bar Length

13 inch bar, 15 inch bar, 18 inch bar

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