Mitox Select 26LH-SP long reach 150 degree hedge trimmer (25.4cc)

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5 day(s) lead time

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The 26LH-SP petrol hedge trimmer enables safe trimming of tall hedges without using a ladder. With an overall length of over 2.2m, this enables the 40cm dual reciprocating blades to accurately trim at height. The hedge trimming blades can be articulated through 12 positions over 150 degrees leaving the perfect finish at a variety of angles. The 25.4 cm³ full crank engine offers an optimal power to weight ratio for easy handling. The addition of a split shaft coupling makes storage and transportation easy.

Quality Easy Starting Engine

The Mitox 26LH-SP petrol hedge trimmer is powered by a powerful easy to start 25.4cc engine featuring a primer bulb and choke.

Aluminium Coupling

The Mitox 26LH-SP long reach hedge cutter features an aluminium coupling allowing the hedge trimmer to be separated int two sections for transporting and storage.

Loop Handle

The 26LH-SP hedge trimmer features a loop handle with grip for ease of use during operation with a front padded handle enabling multiple grip positions for working at various angles and heights.

Articulating Hedge Trimmer Blade

The hedge trimmer features double reciprocating blades with 150o of articulation allowing you to cut your hedge easily and comfortably.

Single Strap Harness

A single strap harness is supplied with the Mitox 26LH-SP hedge trimmer for increased comfort during prolonged periods of use.

Ergonomic Controls

The throttle controls are ergonomically designed and all controls are easily accessible for optimum user comfort.

Anniversary Model

The Mitox 26LH-SP long reach hedge trimmer is a part of our Special Anniversary range offering fantastic value for money.

Product specification

Engine Power Output

0.75kW (1.00hp)

Noise Levels


Power Type2


Vibration Levels


Domestic Warranty

1 Year

Starting System


Blade Stroke Rate


Tooth Gap





Blade Length

32" / 44cm

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