Marlow pH-I Static Reflective LSK 10.5mm access/abseil rope with reflective strip & acid detection system

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£173.40£341.70 ex VAT

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pH-I Static Reflective has the same unique colour change marker as standard pH-I Static when exposed to strong acids but with the addition of retro-reflective markers for when rope visibility is important whilst working in confined or dark spaces. pH-I Static Reflective is a Type A BS EN 1891 certified static rope with all the usual benefits of Marlow Static LSK


  • Diameter (mm) 10.5
  • Weight (Kg/100m) 6.72
  • Av. Breakload (kN) 33.4
  • Av. Breakload With Fig 8 loop (kN) 19.5

 This rope is made to order, and will be subject to around 6 week lead time from Marlow

Product specification


Rope length

100m, 200m