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Marlow Boa friction rope (9mm) per metre


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Product description

Marlow Boa has a hardwearing 16 plait polyester cover with a braided polyester core. This anti-kink construction means Boa is ideal for use as a Prussik, enabling the rope to run smoothly, easy handling and knots to be tied with ease.
Diameter: 9mm.
High tenacity polyester
CE Certified to EN564


Tip for when ordering to make a prussik loop.

No 1. Double the length of the rope you require the total length to be. (example a 50cm prussik loop will be 100cm)

No 2. Now add 60 cm (this is the length you will need for the knot)

Total. 160cm length of rope will make a 50cm prussik loop (with the right size tails)

Product data

Rope length
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