Kress Robotik Mission Nano KR100 robotic lawnmower

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Compact in size, the Mission Nano is the perfect choice for simple lawns up to 600m2. It integrates all Kress Robotik technologies except for ultrasonic OAS.

Looking for a robot lawn mower at a low price for your surfaces up to 600 m2? The Nano is the ideal robotic lawn mower. Autonomous and efficient, the mowing robot KR100 is an excellent quality / price ratio. Designed and built to last season after season, it will relieve you of the weekly clipping and beautify your lawn.

The Mission Nano KR100 robotic mower takes care of your lawn independently and safely. Thanks to its lifting sensor, the blade stops when you grab the robot. Your lawn is always perfectly maintained, green and finely cut.

Equipped with INTIVA technology, the mower is autonomous, it makes decisions to respect your lawn. Moreover, unlike traditional mowing robots, it is able to mow closer to the edges and you avoid the use of grass trimmers. Switching from a conventional lawnmower to a robotic lawnmower gives you more time to relax and a nicer and better maintained lawn. Regular mowing and finely cut grass provide nutrients that improve the quality of your lawn.

Small and light, the Nano robotic lawn mower is also discreet. Its charging station disappears in the grass over time thanks to its hollow cell structure.

  • INTIVA intelligent navigation technology
  • Regenerative brake system
  • Side trim technology
  • Side Charge
  • Remote mobile control phone
  • Multi-Zone programming
  • Forward and reverse rotation blade
  • Safety first: instant blade stop when lift up
  • Rain sensor

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