Kress Robotik Mission KR113 robotic lawnmower (NEW, MINOR SCRATCHES)

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*Brand new, with minor scratches on side of machine. Full kit – boxed*

Kress’s top to the range model is perfect for large lawns. The Mission KR113 manages obstacles with ease, thanks to its patented ultrasonic OAS.

For your large pitches, up to 2000 m2, discover Kress Robotik’s KR113 Mission Mower. Autonomous and professional, he takes care of your lawn and makes it more beautiful. Thanks to the technology it provides and its mulching system that cuts and deposits grass, your lawn is denser and stronger.

The mowing robot KR113 is equipped with the OAS obstacle avoidance system, perfect if you have trees or obstacles on your land. The robotic lawn mower slaloms between obstacles for a perfect mowing and always very effective. No need to go behind the KR113 robotic lawn mower to cut the borders, it does it for you. With its staggered blades on the side, the Mission mowing robot mows your lawn, not to mention the curbs. So you have more time to enjoy your family, your friends, or to relax!

Efficiency is important for Kress Robotik. The mission robot mower does not waste time with unnecessary maneuvers. Thanks to the robot’s INTIVA technology, the time required for traditional mower robots to mow half of your lawn is enough for Mission to reach 80%.

Find all the personalized statistics of your Mission and what it does for you in its connected app and stay informed about what is happening in your garden. No more headaches, choose a standalone robotic lawnmower and the latest technology.

  • OAS obstacle avoidance system
  • INTIVA intelligent navigation technology
  • Regenerative brake system
  • Side trim technology
  • Side Charge
  • Remote mobile control phone
  • Multi-Zone programming
  • Forward and reverse rotation blade
  • Safety first: instant blade stop when lift up
  • Rain sensor
  • PIN security lock
  • 3-blade cutting/mulching system

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