Kress Robotik Mission KR111 robotic lawnmower

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Ideal for simple lawns up to 1500m2, the Mission KR111 integrates all Kress Robotik technologies except for ultrasonic OAS.

The Kress Robotik Mission KR111 Robotic Lawn Mower will be perfect for mowing the lawn of your big fields. It allows you to maintain surfaces up to 1500 m2. Equipped with a lift sensor, the robotic lawnmower blade stops automatically when you lift it for your safety.

Unlike the conventional mowing robot, when it reaches the wire edge stops and changes direction without opting for the best, the Mission robotic robot is completely autonomous and knows how to make the best decision! The robotic lawn mower KR111 does not waste time and respects your lawn. Your lawn is beautiful, healthy, and you can enjoy your garden without having to take care of the maintenance of your lawn with the robot mower KR111.

By purchasing the KR111 robotic lawnmower, you will not need your lawnmower or trimmer anymore! Thanks to its staggered blades on the side, the robotic mower Mission mows closer to the borders. You will no longer be confronted with uncut borders after the passage of your robot. The KR111 robot knows exactly when to work to offer you a perfect mowing and a green lawn. You do not have to set a schedule. Depending on the weather forecast and what is happening in your garden, the robotic mower parameter itself his work schedules. You can find all the statistics and information on your lawn in the Mission application provided with your robotic lawn mower.

  • INTIVA intelligent navigation technology
  • Regenerative brake system
  • Side trim technology
  • Side Charge
  • Remote mobile control phone
  • Multi-Zone programming
  • Forward and reverse rotation blade
  • Safety first: instant blade stop when lift up
  • Rain sensor
  • 3-blade cutting/mulching system

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