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Product Description

The ZK -2 Singing Tree Rope Wrench (STRW) is manufactured and distributed worldwide by ISC.

The ISC Singing Tree Rope Wrench has become a well established, popular tool within the production climbing industry and in tree cimbing competitions.

The Rope Wrench provides an ‘S’ bend in the rope above the hitch cord.  This effectively provides a contained double rope system, on a single rope, which shares the user’s weight between the Wrench and the hitch.  This allows the operation of the hitch, without the need for a double-rope system. The Rope Wrench allows easy horizontally movement, with greatly reduced friction on re-directs (compared with DdRT).

The Rope Wrench system has been third-party tested and certified by a Notified Body, to PPE ‘Regulation 2016/426’.

The Rope Wrench system allow users to climb in compliance with the latest European best practice regulations. 

The PPE Regulations Certification applies to the Rope Wrench system when used as detailed in the supplied User Manual

The PPE Regulations Certification applies to full kits, when used in their entirety.

KT282A1 Kit Contents:

  • [1] Rope Wrench, fitted with Twin-leg Tether
  • [1] PHLOTICH Hitch-minding Pulley (Bushed)
  • [1] Aluminium HMS Karabiner (Supersafe Triple-lock Gate
  • [1] Teufelberger OP 85cm e2e Hitch (10mm)
  • PLEASE NOTE: For compliance labelling reasons, Hitch Cords must be sourced from ISC (via your ISC Retailer). Hitch cords which are purchased through the Teufelberger supply network do not bear the required labelling, for compliance with the Rope Wrench PPE Regulation Approved kits.

Testing Data

All configurations of the adjustment device and ropes fulfilled the requirements. It was possible to descend with all systems and to adjust the speed manually by the user. The dynamic tests showed a comparable result for all configurations. The test mass was held by the system after all dynamic tests. The brake distance was below 1m. All configurations withstand a static force of at least 12kN without slipping. With higher forces it is possible that the adjustment device slips along the rope but stops again without any additional manual action. The force of 15kN was held for 3 minutes. The ‘Rope Wrench System’ fulfills all health and safety requirements of the PPE Regulation 2016/425 when setup and used according to the instructions for use.

During testing a maximum weight of 120kg was used to meet the requirements of the testing including maximum impact forces. In the event of higher weights being used, it is possible for higher impact forces to be imparted on the user, and it is their responsibility to limit any fall distances that could generate these higher forces.


KT282- System fulfils the health and safety requirements of PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425
Notified Body having carried out the EU type test (Module B): TÜV AUSTRIA SERVICES GMBH (0408), Deutschstraße 10, 1230 WIEN, Austria

Notified body responsible for production monitoring and inspection (Module D):SGS Fimko Oy (0598),Takomotie 8 Helsinki, 00380.Finland.

Product Specification

Brand ISC

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