Hyundai 3000ATS-3 Automatic Transfer Switch Package for Single Phase Hyundai 3000RPM Diesel Generators

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2 day(s) lead time
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  • Complete automatic transfer package for use with Hyundai 3000rpm diesel generators
  • Automatically transfers the source of power from the mains to your generator
  • Fitted with a battery charger to ensure your generator is ready to work even after a long period of inactivity
  • 3 Pole, 100Amp
  • Single Phase

This package comes complete will everything needed to
automatically start and stop your generator in the event of a power cut.
Included in this package, suitable for all Hyundai 3000RPM diesel
generators are;

  • 100Amp ATS Panel
  • 20metres of communication cable to link the generator to the ATS panel to allow it to be turned on and off via the ATS panel
  • 3000RPM ATS plug
  • 12V Battery Charger
  • Digital signal receiver to allow the generator to pick up the signal from the ATS to turn on and off

The 100A 3-Pole ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) is a 3 pole single
phase switch, which means it can only be used in conjunction with a
single phase generator, up to 100 amps. It’s also easy to install and
can be configured by any competent electrician in a very short space of
time. The other major benefit of this particular transfer switch is it’s
dimensions. It is only 300mm x 300mm x 200mm, ensuring it can be placed
easily in a convenient location near your consumer unit.

The ATS panel is modified and fitted with a 12v battery charger to
keep the battery on your backup generator charged when it is not in use.
Sometimes you can go months without having to use a backup generator,
and the time it sits idle can run the battery down, so this slight
modification is a welcomed addition to an already very appealing ATS

This ATS is compatible with a vast range of generators that we stock.
It will work with all Hyundai 3000rpm sets and all other single phase
sets up to 100Amp or 23kW output .

The ATS panel would be installed by your engineer in between the
consumer unit and meter at your property. Then, the 20m communication
cable is wired from the ATS panel, to your generator which can be
situated up to 20metres away. This communication cable is what allows
the ATS to turn the generator on and off. However, please note this
package does not include mains cable (the cable which carries power from
the generator). Mains cable needs to be specified by your electrician
and sourced accordingly.

This package ensures that even when you are at work, on holiday or
away from your home/office, in the event of a power cut your appliances
stay on.

Please note; for a more cost effective solution to switching between
mains to back up power, you could look into a manual transfer switch,
sometimes shortened to MTS / MCS.

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