DMM 45kN Offset-D 3 way carbon steel karabiner

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The Offset D encourages correct loading through its shape, and is made from 12mm bar that gives it a 45kN major axis strength rating. An extended top bar makes it easier to use and attach knots and devices.

Offset D Karibiner for optimal loading and ergonomics

D-Shaped Karabiners (sometimes spelt carabiner) encourage loading in their strongest orientation by forcing loads toward the karabiner (sometimes spelt carabiner) spine. An Offset D refines this basic design by extending the top bar, increasing internal volume. This improves handling and compatibility with thick ropes and slings.

12mm bar section for maximum strength

These karabiners (sometimes spelt carabiner) use thick 12mm bar to achieve very high strength ratings. They are suitable for heavy duty rigging operations where strength is paramount.

Cold forged and heat treated steel for high strength and durability

Steel karabiners (sometimes spelt carabiner) are very strong and hard wearing, making them suitable for scenarios with high loads and heavy use. Cold forging means karabiners (sometimes spelt carabiner) retain full section bars for consistent rope handling, while heat treatment results in high tensile strength.

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