DMM 40kN Boa HMS 3 way carbon steel karabiner

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Due on or after 07/10/2021
Available to order
Due on or after 07/10/2021


The 12mm Boa HMS has a wide gate opening for easy clipping of thick ropes and slings, and large internal volume for controlled handling in all conditions. It’s curved top bar allows multiple attachments which can centralise under load for stable loading.

HMS Karibiner for ease of rigging

HMS karabiners (sometimes spelt carabiner) have extended top bars to accommodate multiple attachments like slings and knots. Their top bars are curved, allowing attachments to self centre and encouraging optimal loading. HMS karabiners (sometimes spelt carabiner) tend to be large, for better compatibility with thick ropes and while wearing gloves.

Large gate opening and high internal volume for easy handling and more attachment options

The gate opening is the distance between the nose of a karabiner (sometimes spelt carabiner) and the gate when it is fully opened. Larger gate openings make a karabiner (sometimes spelt carabiner) easier to use while wearing gloves, and with thick ropes and slings. Internal volume refers to the area inside a karabiner (sometimes spelt carabiner), and large internal volumes mean easier attachment and removal of multiple devices, knots and slings.

12mm bar section for maximum strength

These karabiners (sometimes spelt carabiner) use thick 12mm bar to achieve very high strength ratings. They are suitable for heavy duty rigging operations where strength is paramount.

Cold forged and heat treated for high strength and durability

Steel karabiners (sometimes spelt carabiner) are very strong and hard wearing, making them suitable for scenarios with high loads and heavy use. Cold forging means karabiners (sometimes spelt carabiner) retain full section bars for consistent rope handling, while heat treatment results in high tensile strength.

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EN 362:2004 B, H & K & EN EN12275:2013 B







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