DMM 30kN Oval 3 way carbon steel karabiner

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Product Description

Compact, strong and hard wearing and versatile in application. The oval shape helps centralise attachments when loaded, minimising the unnerving jumping of equipment associated with D shaped connectors.

Oval karibiner for rigging stability and central positioning of attachments

Oval karabiners have curved rope baskets for compatibility with slings, ropes, pulleys, and devices. The baskets allow attachments to self-centre when loaded, giving greater stability in systems that D shaped karabiners. Their symmetry allows them to work both ways in rigging systems.

Smooth internal shape for ease of rotation through attachment eyes

The Oval’s round rope baskets allow it to be easily rotated through attachment points for easy system connection and configuration.

10mm bar section for lightness and strength

10mm bar balances steel’s natural strength and durability with low weight for easy transportation.

Cold forged and heat treated steel for high strength and durability

Steel karabiners are very strong and hard wearing, making them suitable for scenarios with high loads and heavy use. Cold forging means karabiners retain full section bars for consistent rope handling, while heat treatment results in high tensile strength.

Product Specification

Brand DMM
Application Rigging
Min Breaking Strength (MBS) 30kN
Gate Action 3-Way
Gate Opening 15mm
Material Steel
Colour Light Gold
Weight 190g
Certification EN 362:2004 B/T & EN12275:2013 B

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