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Genuine replacement Dyneema Kit for a two Karabiner setup for Spiderjack versions 1, 2 and 2.1 – replaces the original Velcro connection point. The use of two Karabiners assists in transition when tree climbing.

To install the Dyneema Kit use two 3mm Hex keys, one on each side of the Spiderjack swivel, to remove the existing Velcro connector screw. Place the milled Dyneema (red) connector over the hole and re-insert the screw using the same 3mm Hex key. Torque down to 4 Nm or 35.4 inch pound.

Thread the ringed Dyneema sling through the milled ‘red’ connector, ensuring to keep the ring parallel to the eye on the swivel. Place the Edelrid ‘String’ on the opposing end of the Dyneema sling and attach the completed unit to your climbing line using suitable Karabiners.

Make sure the bottom Karabiner connects through the rates ring (12kN) on the Dyneema sling as well as the eye on the Spiderjack. Add the extended ‘roll ‘ lever with fairleads for optimum performance.

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