AL-KO EasyFlex HTA 2050 battery long reach hedge cutter

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  • Light, handy and adjustable cordless high hedge trimmer
  • Up to 3.5 m working height thanks to the extra long shaft and inclinable sword
  • Fatigue-free working thanks to low-vibration, optimum balance and ergonomically shaped controls
  • Diamond-cut 51 cm long safety blade with impact protection

The perfect cut for your hedge, emission-free and independent – with the usual AL-KO ease of use. This is what the light, handy cordless hedge trimmers of the EasyFlex family stand for.

The AL-KO HTA 2050 cordless high hedge trimmer – maintain high hedges cordlessly and easily

With the cordless AL-KO HTA 2050 high hedge trimmer and its diamond-ground blade, hedge trimming is easy. The high-quality 51 cm safety blade ensures a quick and precise cut with optimal protection for the user and equipment. Specially designed for high hedges, you can reach a working height of up to 3.5 m with the extra long shaft. Thanks to the adjustable cutter blade, you can reach hard-to-reach areas on the top of the hedge and ensure a precise cut all round. The light and mains-independent cordless high hedge trimmer offers you a comfortable working time without tangled cables and the risk of accidentally cutting an electrical cable. The adjustable, ergonomically shaped handle with several inclination angles also enables safe and comfortable working in any position. The HTA 2050 high hedge trimmer is powered by a battery from the EasyFlex family. If required, you can operate different EasyFlex devices with the same battery – and save money.

Technical data of the AL-KO HTA 2050 cordless high hedge trimmer

The counter-rotating, diamond-ground safety blade has a cutting length of 51 cm and ensures a clean cut without jamming or getting stuck. You make good progress and can enjoy the success of your work after a short time. The HTA 2050 cordless high hedge trimmer is significantly lighter than many petrol hedge trimmers at just 3.5 kg including the battery. The low-vibration electric motor, optimum weight distribution as well as the ergonomic handles provide well-balanced handling and particularly fatigue-free working on high hedges – even overhead! The high-quality, robust plastic housing has a long service life. You can work up to 45 minutes with one charge of the EasyFlex Li-ion battery 20 V / 2.5 Ah. The empty battery can be recharged in about 50 minutes. The Li-ion battery is durable, requires little maintenance, does not discharge itself, has no memory effect and is easy to charge.

Product specification

Item Length


Power Type2


Rated Voltage


Domestic Warranty

90 Days

Blade Type

Double Sided

Blade Stroke Rate


Tooth Gap


Harness Included


Weight (Excluding battery)


Commercial Warranty

2 Years

Run Time with AL-KO 2.5Ah EasyFlex Battery

45 mins

Run Time with AL-KO 5.0Ah EasyFlex Battery

80 mins


Blade Length

20" / 50cm


Kit (with battery & charger), Shell only (no battery & charger)