3M H700C Vented ground helmet assembly, Peltor X1-P5 ears (26SNR) / V4 carrier with mesh visor (Orange)

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3M™ H700C Vented X1  EN397 – FORESTRY KIT
Version C = Standard Adjustment – 26SNR (X1-P5)
The 3M™ H700N Forestry Helmet Kit offers comfort and protection for those who work in the Forestry and Arboricultural Sector.
All 3M Helmet Kits are configured to be CE Compliant meaning components are Certified to be used in conjunction with each other.
This kit is supplied with the following components:

  • 1 x H700C Vented Standard Adjustment Helmet
  • 1 x V4 Carrier with Mesh Visor (V4C) (3M-7000108160)
  • 1 x PELTOR X1-P5 Ear Defenders 26SNR (3M-7100097443)

3M™ H700N Vented Ratchet Helmet – EN397
The 3M™ H-700 vented safety helmet is comfortable, tough and lightweight. Designed with a low profile for stability and balance, the H-700 helps provide ultimate comfort and protection from small falling objects.
The helmet features a proprietary 3M™ UVicator™ Sensor that changes from red to white when exposed to damaging levels of ultraviolet (UV) light. As UV rays can cause helmet shells to become brittle and compromise their protection level, the sensor changing colour indicates that it’s time to replace the helmet

  • Synthetic sweatband
  • Short brim for better upwards visibility
  • 4-point standard headband
  • Approved for use at -30°C (EN397:2012) and -50°C (ГОСТ Р ЕН 397/А1-2010)

Use limitation

  • Never modify or alter the safety helmet
  • Do not use this safety helmet against hazards other than those specified in the user instruction
  • Use, store and maintain the safety helmet in accordance with the user instruction

Product specification

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EN Certification

EN 397


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