Open day

Open Day on 23 Feb 2018We had a lovely time at our Open Day on 23 Feb – we hope you managed to come along and join in the fun.We’ve gathered together our favourite pictures from the day – click the image below to view the full gallery. If you came along and took any good pics, please do share them with us via our Facebook page, Twitter feed or Instagram.View pictures from the day

Competition winners

Cut the thinnest slice of wood with a Trojan pruning saw

We had a great response to this competition and lots of friendly rivalry in the attempts to get the thinnest slice. Chris Gottfried from CE UK Ltd selected the winners as follows:

  • 3rd placeGeorge O’Neill wins a CE UK Noble 180° folding saw
  • 2nd placeMatthew Lawson wins a CE UK Trojan 250 fixed hand pruning saw
  • 1st placeDavid Uzoni wins a CE UK Stallion 6.3m telescopic polesaw

Replace the chain on a chainsaw in the quickest time

We had only a few who were brave enough to tackle this competition, the challenge was to change the chain on a Stihl chainsaw in the quickest amount of time and the winner (managing 23.47 seconds) is:

  • WINNERDavid Juby – who wins a pair of Stein Krieger Guardian chainsaw trousers, Type C

Guess the length of the rope

We had a great response to this competition also, the challenge was to guess the length of the rope that was on show. The actual length of the rope was 14.45m and the winner who guessed 15m is:

  • WINNERIan Eld – who wins a Marlow Vega climbing rope and a Marlow Viper sewn prussik loop

Guess the weight of the bear

This competition was to guess the weight of the bear we had hanging from a rope on our open day on Friday 23rd Feb. The actual weight of the bear was 16.25kg and the winner, who guessed 16kg, is:

  • WINNERKeanu Phillips – who wins an ISC 15kn medium cast pulley

Guess the amount of components in a pair of Arbortec Scafell Lite chainsaw boots

To enter this competition, we asked the competitors to guess the amount of components that make up a pair of Arbortec Scafell Lite chainsaw boots. This was a tricky one and the correct answer, which we got from the manufacturers themselves, is 220. The winner who got closest to this, guessing 183, is:

  • WINNERRyan Baldock – who wins a pair of Arbortec Scafell Lite chainsaw boots

Name the carving

We had a giant carving up on show for our open day and we asked the entrants of this competition to name the carving. The best, witty, but not explicit, name (in our opinion) wins the prize. Considering the majority of names were explicit, we chose the following name – Mother Nature. This name was submitted by:

  • WINNERIan Williams – who wins an Arbortec long sleeved polo shirt

Meet the brand reps and get a signature from all 20 of them

This competition was to be entered into a draw. You had to meet all the brand representatives from the Open Day and get a signature from every one of them in order to be entered into the draw. We have chosen the winner (and posted the video on our Facebook page) and that winner is:

  • WINNERGerald – who wins an ISC Rope wrench ZK-2 with single tether

 Congratulations to all our winners and we hope you all had a fab day! Thanks to everyone who came, we’ll be in touch with those that have a prize waiting. If you have any pictures you’d like to share or if you’d like to leave a review, please use our Facebook page and also follow us on Twitter and Instagram!


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