FR Jones and Son sponsor Mongol Rally team

Lion Rampant team and car
The Lion Rampant team and their trusty Micra!
We are very proud to sponsor the The Lion Rampant team entry for the 2014 Mongol Rally! The Lion Rampant team will be attempting to travel roughly 10,000 miles from the UK to Mongolia, unassisted, in a 2002 K11 Nissan Micra in aid of Invictus Trust (a teenage mental health charity) and Cool Earth (a rainforest preservation charity). They will also be taking supplies for orphanages and schools along the route and will provide any help they can whilst visiting such institutions with the goal of having a direct impact on people they meet during the journey.We thought this was a very worthy cause, most deserving of some of our fine British Pounds, and we hope you do too. Donations can be made via the team Virgin Money Giving page.Donate now »Stihl, Stein, Draper Tools and Jetboil also support the Lion Rampant teamWe are joined in our support of the team by Stihl, Stein, Draper Tools and Jetboil, who have all donated equipment for use on the trip and/or supplies to be donated en route.
The Route
The Route: Europe – Turkey – Iran – Central Asia (the ‘stans) – Mongolia

About the Rally

If you haven’t heard of the Mongol Rally, the organisers describe it as:

Mongol Rally“…10,000 miles of feral, unsupported adventuring chaos from the UK to Mongolia in cars the size of a lawnmower.As we like to say – if nothing goes wrong, everything has gone wrong.It’s not clever, it’s not safe and you might not finish but it is the greatest adventure on the planet.You’re sweating profusely. All around you is endless wilderness. Your car has only 3 wheels left and the engine just fell off. Before you is 1000 miles of off-road that would make a Land Rover shit itself. And the only tools you have to fix it are your co-pilots.This is the moment you know you’re on the Mongol Rally.”

About the team

The Lion Rampant Mongol Rally teamWe are both currently students at Cambridge University (Emmanuel College), from Chislehurst and Orpington respectively.James:

“I’m studying for a Masters in Physics. I love athletics (100m, 200m, 400m), am captain of Cambridge University Athletics Club and have a huge interest in training methods, physiology & other aspects of the sport. I’m also currently treasurer for the college student union.”


“I’m currently studying for a Masters in Engineering, most likely specialising in software engineering. I am Head of Safety and Security for the Emmanuel College June Event 2014, a qualified assistant tennis coach and scuba diving instructor and love playing rugby and tennis.”

About the charities

Invictus Trust
Invictus Trust supports teenagers who are suffering from poor mental health and related problems. It was set up by a good friend of the Lion Rampant team, in honour of her brother, after his mental health issues had tragic consequences. It is a cause that means a lot to them and their families.
Cool Earth
Cool Earth works with communities in Ecuador and Peru to preserve areas of the Amazon Rainforest at risk. Their aim is to support the local communities in addition to trying to protect the rainforest.
En-route charity
The Lion Rampant team are taking supplies for orphanages and schools along the route. They will also provide any help they can whilst visiting such institutions, which will hopefully have a direct impact on people they meet during their journey.

Keep up-to-date with team progress

As team sponsor, we will, of course, be posting updates on progress on our website, but you can also keep up with the boys via their blog or facebook page.