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Gleistein Ropes


Gleistein Ropes founded back in 1824 in Bremen Germany are a family owned company that for nearly 200 years have been investing in innovative technology in rope design. Today they own two of the most modern production plants producing over 5,500 different kinds of rope.


During the past 10 years an Arborist line was developed and they have both sponsored the ETCC and made a brand in Europe known as Tree Runner which had been very successful. That same rope is now available in the UK in different colours and is called Barracuda and Cobia both 12mm climbing rope with factory hand spliced eye and with a stretch of only 2% and a linear breaking strain of 34.5kn.


The Gleistein Arb range proudly distributed in the UK and Ireland by FR Jones and Son includes the 11mm Lizard rope recommended by ART, the 11mm Golden Viper, the 12mm arbortwin and Cougar ropes in climbing. For rigging there are the Heavy green low stretch abrasion resistant 16mm and the 16mm Gemini. Completing the current line up are E2E prussiks and endless loop prussiks and safety wire flip lines.

Gleistein Barracuda 12mm climbing rope (Neon Orange / Blue) + Gleistein Cobia 12mm climbing rope (Blue / Red)


This well proven climbing rope has been improved yet again and now has a splice instead of stitching. This simplifies fitting and removing cambium protectors and makes the rope even more flexible in use. The solid design and the special weave result in barely detectable sheath slippage. This makes it ideal for use with friction hitch knots or mechanical clamping devices. With a stretch of only 2%, climbing the rope to a work position is much easier. The two available colours are significantly different from one another and make for easier orientation with multi-rope systems. Linear breaking strength 34.5 kN.



Take a look at the Barracuda and Cobia, as well as the rest of the fantastic Gleistein Ropes rangeĀ  available below, or search our website to find alternative options and sizes.