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It’s looking like a shop now!


Well, we’ve been very busy since our last post and the showroom is really starting to look like an actual shop now! We’ve got all the main shelving and wall racking fitted and the Stihl boys have been round to fit all their fancy shop fittings:
[flickr-gallery mode=”search” tags=”stihl,stock,gondolas” tag_mode=”any” sort=”date-taken-desc” user_id=”68535384@N07″]
We’ve also got a little ahead of ourselves and started putting things on pegs (just to see how its going to look…) and to make it all proper, we’ve got some shiny new shopping trolleys too:
[flickr-gallery mode=”search” tags=”boots,shiny-things,trolleys” tag_mode=”any” sort=”date-taken-desc” user_id=”68535384@N07″]
Next on the list is the signage and shop front, then we’ve got to get all technical and have the computers and phone system installed…