Teufelberger shaoLINE throwline

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The shaoLINE is the latest throwline from TEUFELBERGER excelling due to its construction.

Our shaoLINE consists of a cover made of Dyneema® and polyethylene monofilaments as well as a polyethylene core. The PE monofilaments make this throwline more abrasion resistant and keep its surface from getting rough. This helps retain the required strength. Thanks to the polyethylene in its core, this line is not susceptible to forming knots or kinks. The core at the end of the rope can be removed to ensure that the line can break and the throwbag can be released, if necessary. Therefore, our shaoLINE is the optimum throwline helping climbers to work efficiently and safely.

The shaoLINE throwline excels due to the following features:

Abrasion resistance
No kinking
Removable core at the end

Product specification

Material (Inner)


Material (Outer)

Dyneema / Polyethylene monofilaments

Min Breaking Strength (MBS)



Rope Diameter


Rope length

183m, 45m, 60m