Stihl AP 300 S high capacity battery for cordless power range

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Expected on or after 26/04/2021

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The AP 300 S is a high capacity battery that will power any tool within the Stihl PRO Cordless system. With an energy capacity of 281 Watt-hours (which relates to run time), this battery produces an impressive 25% increase in capacity compared to the AP 300, and with an Amp-hour capacity of 7.8, this battery will consistantly power PRO Cordless tools for longer. This high capacity battery also has 20% more power compared to the AP 300. The 2.1kW power delivered by this battery will lend itself perfectly to the future launch of the PRO MSA 220 C -B cordless chainsaw that will be launched later in 2019. The extra battery output is needed to provide more power for a faster cutting speed and consistent performance. The AP 300 S in conjunction with the MSA 220 C-B will be ideal for harvesting smaller stands of timber and perfect to have alongside the chipper to trim up large branches. The AP 300 S can be used in conjunction with the battery belt and harness and will power any of the current Stihl PRO Cordless tools.

Product specification

Domestic Warranty

2 Years

Commercial Warranty

2 Years

Battery Type

Lithium Ion Battery

Battery Voltage


Battery Capacity


Charging Time (to 100% capacity) with AL 101 charger

300 mins

Charging Time (to 100% capacity) with AL 300 charger

70 mins

Charging Time (to 100% capacity) with AL 500 charger

45 mins