LOLER Inspections

LOLER inspector certificatesWe have 3 fully-qualified LOLER inspectors on staff who can undertake LOLER inspections for all arboricultural climbing or rigging equipment.

This service is available locally or, as with our machine service, we can arrange to have your kit collected and returned to you via courier, for a nominal surcharge.

Our inspectors can inspect your climbing or rigging kit from as little as £55 (+VAT)! A basic climbing or rigging kit will be inspected for £55 (+VAT), including 1 full-length rope and 1 harness per kit. Additional ropes and harnesses will be charged at £8 each.

If you are unable to bring your kit in to us, we can arrange to have it collected and returned to you via courier for a nominal fee of £15 +VAT (per kit).

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